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Missions Giving Strategy

The elder leadership at C3 sets the direction for our Target Priorities and our Giving Principles as a church. The Mission Team’s role is to take these priorities and principles and evaluate and support ministries that best fit these distinctions.

C3 Target Priorities

Church Planting– C3 desires to be a church planting church itself and support other church plants both locally and internationally
Word Ministries that take the gospel to people all over the world. These ministries focus on outreach and evangelism efforts and should be connected to the ministry efforts of a local church.
Deed Ministries that are gospel-centered and meet pressing social/physical needs. By gospel-centered we mean that the social/physical need that is met is used a means to the end goal of sharing the message of the gospel. We also desire that these ministries be connected to the ministry of the local church

Guiding Principles

Biblical Beliefs and Gospel Practices-We will support ministries that have a high view of the Bible and it’s authority and hold to historic orthodox Christian beliefs and gospel-centered practices.  We will also weigh ministries higher in priority that share our doctrinal distinctions spelled out in our church’s teaching statement. Questions we ask: Does this ministry hold to historical orthodox Christian beliefs? Is the gospel message central to its ministry efforts and practices or is it an afterthought or a non-existent part of its effort?
Relationship to the local church- We believe that the Bible teaches that local churches are central to God’s purposes and have a central role in a mature and fruitful Christian life. Therefore, we will give high preference to ministries whose efforts connect to the ministry of like-minded local churches. Questions we ask: How direct is the relationship between this ministry and the ministry of a gospel-centered local church?
Opportunities for direct involvement and investment- We desire to provide “hands-on” opportunities for our church body to serve our supported ministries. Therefore, we will seek to partner with ministries we can be directly involved in through mutually beneficial short-term mission trips and service opportunities. Question we ask: What opportunities and needs for direct involvement does this ministry have available for our church body that would be beneficial?
Relationship to Christ Community- We believe that our missions commitments are an extension of our own church ministry so we will give some weight to supporting people who have a direct relationship to Christ Community. Question we ask: How direct is the relationship between this person/ministry and the ministry of Christ Community Church?